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Oyster & Flying-fish Cabinet

I often listen to music on shuffle play in the workshop. One day a Kevin Ayers track, 'The Oyster and the Flying-fish' came on while I was deciding what to make from some pieces of driftwood mahogany... this cabinet is the result.
The flying-fish is carved into the thick mahogany molding which I used for the drawer-front. The oyster on the seaweed-forested ocean floor is carved into the short length of very worn mahogany plank that I used for the arched door. The top of the cabinet is carved to resemble shallow ripples on a sandy beach.

The words above the door are a line from the song, a fable-like ditty about the mutual envy of an oyster and a flying-fish.

Height 31 inches, width 18 inches, depth 18 inches.